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Circus Galacticus by Deva Fagan

Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (November 15, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN: 054758136X (ISBN13: 9780547581361)
Setting: Universe

Rebel. Champion gymnast. Intergalactic traveler? 

Trix can deal with being an orphan charity case at a snotty boarding school. She can hold her own when everyone else tells her not to dream big dreams. She can even fight back against the mysterious stranger in a silver mask who tries to steal the meteorite her parents trusted her to protect. 

But her life is about to change forever. The Circus Galacticus has come to town, bringing acts to amaze, delight, and terrify. And now the dazzling but enigmatic young Ringmaster has offered Trix the chance to be a part of it. 

Soon Trix discovers an entire universe full of deadly enemies and potential friends, not to mention space leeches, ancient alien artifacts, and exploding chocolate desserts. And she just might unravel the secrets of her own past;if she can survive long enough. 

(Description from Goodreads)


Circus Galacticus is the story of a girl desperate to belong, a girl who dreams to travel the stars. 
Trix’s parents were astronauts and she wanted to become one, too. She was only 8 years old when her parents died and left her a rock with mysterious powers, a rock that will lead Trix to her true destiny, to a new home....full of aliens! The Circus Galacticus. 

This book is a fest of colour and sometimes it was like I could hear the music coming from the circus and actually be there with Trix and the Ringmaster. Circus Galacticus tells us that to be special we don't need superpowers and that diversity is a strength, not a weakness. 
Deva Fagan created a charming story that "reminds people they can reach the stars and choose their own destinies". 

To conclude with a quotation from the Circus Galacticus:

“Ladies and gentlemen! It has been our honor to entertain you. If you have learned one thing this night, let it be that anyone can reach the stars. Choose your own destiny, and the universe is yours.”


You can read the first chapter HERE


Meet some of the characters from Circus Galacticus!


Trix is an Earth-girl determined to follow the dreams of her astronaut parents and reach for the stars. But as an orphan charity case, she has to fight hard for that dream. When the Ringmaster offers her a place in the Circus Galacticus, she leaves Earth behind for a life of intergalactic adventure and danger, new friends, new enemies, and a chance to unlock the secrets of her own past.

The Ringmaster

The dangerously charming young leader of the Circus Galacticus. No one knows how he became the Ringmaster, or fully understands his mysterious bond with the Big Top. Or where he goes when he loses himself in the Restricted Area. Or just how often he visits the auto-salon to get his hair done. He offers Trix the chance to follow her dreams, but can she trust him not to shatter them?


As one of the Techs in the Circus Galacticus troupe, Nola uses her Tinker powers to interface with technology both to manage special effects during performances and to give her dorm room the latest updates. Loyal, steadfast and fun-loving, Nola helps introduce Trix to the mystifying, magical Big Top, the joys of alien soap operas, and the dangers that lurk in the depths of the recycling system.


One of the Clown corps of the Circus Galacticus, Jom’s greatest talent isn’t his occasionally embarrassing Tinker power, but rather his skill in the Big Top kitchens. Friendly and happy-go-lucky, he is one of Trix’s first allies among the troupe.


Sirra is Etander’s twin sister, and the daughter of a wealthy and vastly powerful family that controls entire star systems. The twins left behind a life of luxury and security when Etander’s Tinker powers manifested, and they were forced to hide themselves among the fantastical freaks of the Circus Galacticus. Now Sirra uses her own gravity-bending powers to astonish patrons on the trapeze, one of the premier acts.


Etander is Sirra’s twin brother, and the son of a wealthy and vastly powerful family that controls entire star systems. The twins left behind a life of luxury and security when Etander’s Tinker powers manifested, and they were forced to hide themselves among the fantastical freaks of the Circus Galacticus. Though he assists Sirra in the trapeze act, he keeps his own powers hidden.


One of the Clown corps of the Circus Galacticus, Theon doesn’t mind taking charge or speaking her mind. She’s quick to stand up to a rival, but quicker still to stand by a friend. Her Tinker powers give her the ability to manipulate friction– and green hair!


Reaper is a former member of the Circus Galacticus, who abandoned life on the Big Top to join the rebellious Outcasts in their fight against the Mandate, using any means necessary. He’s said to be the Ringmaster’s best friend, and his greatest rival.

Miss Three

An artificial intelligence originally designed by the Mandate, Miss Three was reprogrammed by the Ringmaster to serve as a teacher and chaperone to the members of the Circus Galacticus troupe. Severe and strict, she seems to turn up whenever someone is getting into trouble…


Nyl is an agent of the Mandate, the ancient enemies of Tinkers like the members of the Circus Galacticus. And he’s determined to steal the treasure Trix’s parents gave her to keep safe. But his greatest weapon isn’t the powerful bolts of blue lightning he can conjure with a gesture– it’s the answers he can offer Trix about her own past.

Click HERE to see the full character art by Loraine Sammy


  1. LOL! This post is so awesome!!! x) The title for this one alone makes me want to read it, but the synopsis and those character profiles brought a smile to my face -- it sounds like a blast! A rebel, champion gymnast, and intergalactic traveler must add up to one really cool combination! ;)

    I love this post, Giada! Thank you so much for sharing! :) <3

    1. It is a cool book! I read it when it was available on netgalley, but I really want to buy a copy to read it again. >_<

  2. Wow, this sounds great! My first time hearing about it but you have convinced me to check it out. Great post! :D

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    1. I alreay did a giveaway of this book, but maybe I'll give it away again soon. ;)

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